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Exchange Parent Aide Credentialing

The National Exchange Club provides credentialing for Exchange Parent Aides. The credential represents achievement and quality of staff working with families. There are two categories of credentialing — Paid Parent Aides and Volunteer Parent Aides. Within each category, two levels of credentialing are possible — A or AA. An A-rating indicates that the Parent Aide is adequately trained and is prepared to work with a variety of families to provide quality support. The AA-rating indicates that the parent aide has achieved a significant amount of experience and training and has proved her/himself substantially in the field.

The Credentialing Application is available online for printing. This application may be used for either Paid Parent Aide or Volunteer Parent Aide credentialing. In addition to the application, the applicant is asked to submit several documents including a resume, copies of degrees or training certificates, and references. These attachments are returned with the application along with the application fee. Instructions for completion are included with the application. For additional information, please contact us or call 1-800-924-2643.
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